Trump is Playing Americans | Episode 130 (February 8, 2018)

In this edition of The Humanist Report podcast, we shine a spotlight on the games Trump is playing on Americans. After a relentless corporate PR campaign, Americans are being told that one-time $1,000 bonuses from corporations suggests trickle-down economics works well for average workers (spoiler: it doesn’t). So we’ll tackle the misconception that Trump’s tax reform plan is good for normal, non-wealthy Americans, we’ll discuss the benefits of universal healthcare and the backlash Trump received from citizens in the UK after he attacked their National Health System. Additionally, we’ll talk about the influence Trump’s donors have on him, the “evidence” Ajit Pai is giving us to prove that his repeal of net neutrality is beneficial, and New Jersey’s enforcement of net neutrality. Also, we’ll tackle the Democratic Party’s ongoing cheating of progressives and shielding of corporate Democrats. All of these topics—and THEN some—are covered in this episode. Enjoy! Thousands in Great Britain Protest Right-Wing Government’s Defunding of NHS: Trump Attacks Britain’s NHS, Theresa May Responds: Jeremy Corbyn Responds to Trump’s Tweet: What is Jeremy Hunt Doing to Britain’s NHS?: Public Approval for British NHS System: God Tells Michelle Bachman Not to Run for Senate: Facts About Joe Kennedy: Ajit Pai Cites Obama-Eera Broadband Investments as “Proof” Net Neutrality Repeal Helped: New Jersey Governor Signs Net Neutrality Executive Order: Democratic Think Tank Behind Phony Net Neutrality Law AT&T Pushed: Harley-Davidson to Close Kansas City Plant, Citing Trump Tax Cuts: Trump’s Tax Cuts Aren’t Trickling Down to Workers: Large Corporations Laying Off Americans: Man Could Afford to See A Doctor After Winning the Lottery, But It Was Too Late: Clinton Democrat Named as DNC’s New Interim CEO: Californian Democrats Shielding Top Democrats from Primary Challenges: Dem Establishment Goes Full Birther Against Muslim Candidate: DNC Unity Reform Recommendations Held Up in DNC Vetting Process: How Trump Decided to Reauthorize Drilling in the Arctic: Fossil Fuel Companies Pumped Millions Into Trump’s Inauguration: Energy Transfer Partner Executive Donated $100,000 to Trump: ************************ Visit Our Website: Follow Us on Twitter: Like Us on Facebook: Support the Show: Become a Patreon: Download Our Podcast on iTunes:

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