ANTMAN and the WASP | FAMILY Reactions | Fair Use

Hello everyone and welcome back! This movie was amazing! It was very enjoyable! Love seeing The Wasp in this! So many good moments! Keep in mind this is almost a 2.5 hours long movie and Fair Use only allows 10 minutes of highly edited copyright content. Thanks for understanding! Thanks for watching and see you soon as always! CHECK OUT OUR ENTIRE FULL REACTIONS TO MOVIES AND SHOWS HERE: VOTE FOR OUR NEXT SHOW/MOVIE AND REQUEST SOMETHING AS WELL! Patreon is what keeps our channel creating... this is the only way we can keep this up and we thank you! :) OUR MAIL ADDRESS (If you send us stuff, we'll put it in our videos!) Storm Akima P.O. Box 2580 New Preston Marble Dale, CT. 06777 Our BACK UP Channel for Storm Akima (just in case, subscribe here too!) My Art Channel ART BUZZ: (Please subscribe so we can change this infernal weird URL:) Storm Akima on FaceBook?! LOLz! You can talk to Kimmy here! YAY!: Storm Akima on Instagram! (OMG, this is new and way overdue!) Kimmy runs this as well! :D Storm Akima on Twitter! : SUBSCRIBE to our channel STORM AKIMA (Reactions & Gaming and hopefully more animations): RAFFLES: Our 'Randomly Talk About' RAFFLES are new and we ask that you don't reveal the rules to anyone else to see how many are paying attention, LOL! Example- If you do tell anyone, "Say this (then the topic) to be entered", instead of others finding out themselves, then you will be disqualified this time around. Good luck! Being a Patron also puts you in the RAFFLE double since that's what keeps us creating! Thanks for your support! ENTER A CHANCE TO WIN my Rocket the Raccoon sculpture I made all by hand! By being an awesome fan and leaving nice/supportive comments (or share our videos) and by letting us know if you are interested in Rocket... will ENTER you into our RAFFLE! YAY! Your name will also be added an extra time every dollar you donate through our Patreon... so if you donate a dollar, your name will be added once to our RAFFLE... If you also comment nicely through our YouTube, your name will be added twice (just let us know if you have 2 different usernames through here and Patreon). If you donate a total of 10 dollars total through our Patreon, your name will be added 10 times, plus 1 if you comment nicely through our YouTube. If you supported us through Patreon since the beginning and donated 100 dollars in total, your name will be added 100 times. Patreon is the only way we can keep creating and our random selection of a name at the end of this RAFFLE, will be random, so anyone can WIN... even if your name is only added once ;) This RAFFLE will end December 10th, 2018 where we will announce the WINNER on YouTube :D Good luck and thanks so much for your support! More videos of Rocket coming soon! The materials I used to make Rocket costed close to 400 dollars... not including the hours of work I put into creating him. I was going to sell him originally for 900... but it was hard for me to give him up, LOL and I'd rather give him away to one of our fans instead! He needs a good home! His stand is included too!

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