Action/Adventure - Parachutes [Official Music Video]

From the new EP Going Heel -- Coming in November Spotify: Bandcamp: [ LYRICS ] We're dancing with cadavers to find companionship. Due to disenchanted pipe dreams and the lies that left your lips. A suburban legend. With nothing to show for it. (a suburban has been). Can you tell me I'm worth it? That this wasn't all for nothing. Foundations decay and I'm falling through the cracks. We're the lion-hearts of last nights of arrival. I know it's all about survival but... I'll take a leap of faith without a parachute. I'm one step from jumping off the edge. Is there still time to make it? Or am I just in over my head? We're taking out pages, from books we've never read. Written by the other side of you and I. Casualties from 9-5. Asking me for honesty will only bring the worst out in me. The sea she cast her storms This rusty boat cannot withstand the blows And truth be told I can't support this anchor weight this can't be it. [ CREW ] Director: Justin Leyba Producer: Madison Amalfitano Cinematographer: Mason Adams Camera Operator: Gary Walker Assistant Camera: Brian Delisi Gaffer: Collin Rogers Grip: Ross Ghem / Emmanuel Porquin Production Designer: Jorge Hinojosa VFX: Daniel Cervantes Color Producer: Dan Butler Colorist: Lindsey Mazur Set Videographer: JV Trammell PA: Ilario Donoe

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